Crypto Pirates — A Play2Earn NFT Game

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4 min readJun 28, 2022

About Crypto Pirates

Crypto Pirates is a Play2Earn NFT game currently in development, but it launches the NFT collection sale. Their owners will have early access to the game and will be able to start earning sooner than others. Crypto Pirates is an Idle Game about pirate crews venturing through the expanses of the endless space. Gameplay consists of sailing between ports and fighting monsters, dangerous bosses, and other players. The game has three entities: resources, piasters, and trophies. Each of them is vital for the gameplay and is essential for earning in the game.


Once we have an app in place, we will share our revenues with our members. We will design the algorithm on how to share it fairly. Sharing comes from sources like independent hunts, games profits, loans profits, lottery, and other instant games. We are building a community for members to enjoy the rewards for a lifetime as long as they have shares in place. We are breaking the taboo of keeping all the profits at the heads but less to share. However, we are sharing our wealth with our members, just wait and see what’s coming your way. We are introducing a new system of game loans called IOU in real crypto without compromising the integrity of game loans from rogue pirates. You could loan us the tokens and earn profit share and much more.

Features of Crypto Pirates project


  • Any person should be rewarded for the efforts they put into the game. We believe that such is the future of gaming. In Crypto Pirates, you will have the opportunity to earn fungible tokens that can also be used to purchase in-game assets.

Crypto Pirates marketplace

  • Over time, we will create our own marketplace to make it convenient for our players to make purchases. Crypto Pirates is constantly being updated and improved, and we plan to introduce functionality that will allow players and traders to check the current state of their NFTs before deciding which one to sell or buy.

Crypto Pirates game features

  • Economy
  • Free start
  • Opportunity to earn without initial investments
  • NFT participates in the game and increases the player’s earnings
  • Each new batch of NFT does not devalue the previous ones
  • Widespread use of the token in the game


  • The game takes place in the world of unexplored space, teeming with terrible creatures;.
  • The ship fights and travels even when you are offline. You don’t have to spend all your time playing the game to be successful;
  • PVP. Engage in fights with other players and fill your coffers with their prey;
  • (In development) Co-op. Team up with friends or create your own clan to conquer the vastness together and maximize your gains;
  • (in development) Events and leagues — both for solo adventures and for clan battles;
  • (in development) Ship upgrade for game resources;
  • (in development) Progression of the captain — the player’s avatar;
  • (in development) Recruitment and upgrade of the crew.

Current Content

  • 10 Ship Grades
  • 60 Unique Monsters
  • 4 Biomes
  • 3 Ports
  • 150 Unique Events

Crypto Pirates Play-to-Earn game advantages:

  • Free to start, but NFT owners can enter the game sooner than others
  • Opportunity to earn without initial investments
  • NFT participates in the game and increases the player’s earnings
  • Each new batch of NFT does not devalue the previous ones
  • Widespread use of the token in the game
  • Co-op sailing
  • Cross-platform

Tokenomics :

  • Seed Round — 4% — 40000000
  • Private Sale — 14% — 140000000
  • IDO — 4% — 40000000
  • Team — 18% — 180000000
  • Marketing — 15% — 150000000
  • Ecosystem — 45% 450000000


The game is a real-time strategy game where the player collects different pirates and use their special abilities for conquering other players. is a revolutionary blockchain game that’s changing the world of gaming forever. It’s the very first Crypto Collectable Game and you can be a part of it! Crypto Pirates is the world’s first Crypto Collectable Game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every ship, every island and every monster you can find in the game has its own unique ERC721 Token.

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