Crypto Pirates: Launches NFT Sale that Provides Early Access to the P2E Game

masud rana
4 min readJun 18, 2022

What is Crypto Pirates?

Crypto Pirates is a game about pirates, treasure and epic battles. But it’s not just a regular game. It’s the first in-game marketplace that allows players to sell their items and get paid in Cryptocurrency. It’s a revolutionary idea that will change the way people think about video games and virtual items. Cryptocurrencies are the new gold, and the only way to get them is to mine them. But mining is hard and expensive, that’s why we created a way for you to get the best “crypto” experience possible. With Crypto Pirates, you can get all the gold you want, upgrading your ship as you go!

Crypto Pirates is a multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain. As a player you can explore the map, buy and sell goods, trade with other players, battle with pirates and claim territory. Because the game runs on the blockchain, everything you do is transparent and immutable. There is no centralized server, so there is no one to cheat you. The gameplay is driven by the blockchain and smart contracts. The game has its own cryptocurrency, which is needed to buy, sell and trade anything in the game.

Why did develop Crypto Pirates?

The main goal of the project is to create an exciting gameplay that will be interesting for the player and will provide an opportunity to earn tokens. We want to make not just another project for NFT holders, but, above all, an interesting game for everyone, even for those who are not ready to spend. Crypto Pirates is an online game with a twist. It is a game that allows you to buy items and sell them for a profit. It is a game that lets you buy and sell weapons, ships and castles. It is a game that lets you create an economy and make a living off it. It is a game that allows you to play from any device and from anywhere in the world.

It is a game that allows you to play in a sandbox world the size of the real-world. It is a game where you can meet and play with up to 500 people. It is a game where you can team up with your friends and play with them, or work against them. It is a game that is as exciting as it is realistic. A game where you can live the life of a pirate. Where you can buy and sell anything you want. With a twist.


A lot of time you’ll come across projects whose founders seem to lack the funds needed to give their projects a real chance in the competitive world of cryptocurrency. In this scenario the project has the potential to be very valuable, but crypto investors will not show it any interest until they are sure that the company can afford enough to successfully develop its project and make it profitable. In cases like this, introducing our coin and giving it an investment value makes sense; this way people can know what kind of project they are investing in, how much money is required for each stage of development and most importantly — whether or not their investment will be worth it!

Crypto Pirates Play-to-Earn game advantages:

  • Free to start, but NFT owners can enter the game sooner than others
  • Opportunity to earn without initial investments
  • NFT participates in the game and increases the player’s earnings
  • Each new batch of NFT does not devalue the previous ones
  • Widespread use of the token in the game
  • Co-op sailing
  • Cross-platform

Tokenomics :

  • Seed Round — 4% — 40000000
  • Private Sale — 14% — 140000000
  • IDO — 4% — 40000000
  • Team — 18% — 180000000
  • Marketing — 15% — 150000000
  • Ecosystem — 45% 450000000



The game Crypto Pirates is a free economic strategy game with a blockchain theme. It is available on Android and IOS and is designed to help players learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. In the game, players collect their own fleet of ships, trade goods, and attack other players. Each ship has 4 stats: Combat, Speed, Cargo, and Insurance. Ships are used to attack other players and are used to trade goods and weapons. The game has an in-game marketplace that allows players to buy ships, products, and weapons using the in-game currency or using cryptocurrency.

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