DARTH: transforming DeFi with the Autostaking Protocol that delivers the industry’s high fixed APY

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6 min readMay 10, 2022

About Darth

DARTH redefines DeFi with the Darth Autostaking Protocol (DAP) delivering high business APY, clockwork profit rebasing, and an immediate direct-buying framework that grows your portfolio in your wallet, fast. DARTH provides a decentralized monetary resource in which financial backers are compensated with dividends that multiply using the restrictive DARTH convention. DARTH is an organization centered around DeFi development that provides benefits and incentives for darth token holders. Decentralized finance or DeFi caused a revolution in the financial industry. Crypto holders can lock or stake their tokens on DeFi websites and receive interest rates that most find impossible. The tools DeFi companies use to generate these high returns are financial algorithms and token staking strategies called protocols.

Defi 1.0 introduced a different version of this protocol which is now attracting billions of capital, and has built many of the best performing cryptocurrencies. The DeFi 2.0 protocol promises token holders a greater level of simplicity and security, and the best fixed returns from staking. DARTH developers have introduced the DARTH Auto staking Protocol (DAP), a DeFi 2.0 protocol that offers perhaps the best suite of benefits for stakers in the industry.

DARTH: Most powerful Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol In Crypto

The auto-staking feature helps users who want to stake but don’t want to be complicated and want to get it more easily and securely. And because of this, DARTH provides an auto-staking and compounding platform which will give maximum rewards to global users. DARTH will offer an APY of 383,000.00%, which is the highest APY in the industry and it will provide maximum return on the investment of users. DARTH is the best staking platform that will allow users to grow their assets directly in their wallets easily, without the need to monitor from the dashboard or other platforms. Thus, users only need to buy DARTH tokens and later users will be able to get a reward every 15 Minutes / 96 Times Daily which is sent automatically by the system. Users don’t need to manually harvest or reclaim their tokens to get maximum rewards, because DARTH will do it all for users.


DARTH has a competitive advantage which makes it one of the best staking platforms in the industry. This can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Automatic rewards: DARTH allows users to get rewards automatically which will be sent every 15 minutes continuously. Rewards sent will immediately arrive in the user’s wallet, so they don’t need to harvest them manually.
  • Attractive high APY: DARTH facilitates users a staking activity with high returns which is possible because DARTH offers high APY which makes the user’s return maximum.
  • Lower risk: DARTH offers a lower risk staking activity, which is possible because DARTH uses an intelligent system that ensures the sustainability of the platform.
  • Simple staking: DARTH allows users to hold tokens and leave them in their wallets. Users do not need stakes or various other complicated things, the system will detect and provide rewards according to user participation.

How does it work?

Very good project. I’m sure this project will have a lot of interest when it launches because this project has a solid team structure and very good project trust. I am sure that when it launches, there will be a lot of interest in this project because this project has a solid and reliable team structure. This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary of all! pleasures that I will be wary of. In my opinion, one of the best projects.

Most of us already know blockchain technology as the core foundation of the crypto ecosystem. The versatile features associated with this technology have led to the popularity of cryptocurrencies attracting not only a loyal user base but also institutional investors and large corporations. But blockchain is not limited to just cryptocurrencies, it can cause a paradigm shift in almost every industry related to information storage and data protection as it has the ability to decentralize operations without relying on any authority to control data.

This project, and the team have built a strong community with great potential. Lucky project. Great project with a really cool idea! I believe in their success. The increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies by millions of users raises serious concerns about network congestion and scalability of different blockchain networks. Apart from increasing cryptocurrency trading, decentralized finance also increases the load on these networks. The promising nature of blockchain has led to the development of many new protocols including yield farming, liquidity pools, and mining platforms on an already dense blockchain.

DARTH Market

Crypto is a potential market that in the future will continue to grow and attract more people to join. With more and more people joining this market, this is positive news for DARTH, because then DARTH can offer its services to more users. With its advantages, DARTH is quite confident that this can be the alternative platform that users choose for their staking activities. With high APY, automatic rewards, etc., DARTH has the potential to get better users of the global crypto market.

Token Sales

It is planned that DARTH Tokens will be sold through a token sale program that will be held in the future. By participating in this token sale program, users will be able to get Tokens at a lower price than before the token was launched on CEX/DEX and this will benefit users who hold early. To participate in this token sale program, users can read more complete details on the website and see more fully what requirements users must meet to buy this token. However, it will not be difficult to be able to buy these tokens.


  • Creating a website
  • Deployment of Smart Contracts
  • AuditRateTech Assurance / Know Your Customer
  • Set up a Discord Community.
  • This campaign is a PR marketing bounty
  • Marketing in Advance of a Purchase
  • There are IDOs available on Pinksale as well as two additional sites
  • A liquidity lock for eight years was imposed on IDOs.
  • IEOs are listed on at least four exchanges.
  • Social media marketing campaign on Twitter
  • As part of our YouTube marketing strategy,
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • In the CoinGecko Index
  • SEO
  • Two hundred and fifty thousand token holders are a part of this group.
  • Market capitalization of $ 50 million
  • Capacity 100 Million
  • Partnerships
  • Development Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems
  • Design and Development of the DARTH Wallet
  • The DARTH Wallet is now operational
  • The DARTH DEX Project
  • DARTH DEX is now operational

DARTH Buy and Sell Fees

The Darth purchase and sell fees play a critical part in the protocol’s operation since they offer the necessary funding.

As a result, holders of tokens pay a price for selling their bonds. Reducing service capacity and eliminating the ability to supply a steady APY are also consequences of this.

For DARTH dollar holders, the charge ratio of 14 percent to purchase and 16 percent to sell provides a set annual return of 383,000.00 percent.

Others rely on selling bonds to do the same tasks as DARTH, but this is more dangerous since the token loses support if the bonds are not purchased, and its price spirals downward.


The DARTH platform is trying to build an auto-staking platform where users can hold tokens and get maximum return from their staking. DARTH has various mechanisms which make it a staking platform with high rewards and also low risk compared to similar platforms. Users will be able to get the opportunity to get a high return from the APY 383,000.00% offered by DARTH and later the reward will be sent automatically to the user’s address. The existence of an intelligent tokenomic system will allow users to be able to get returns continuously and sustainably. So that the prospect of having DARTH will help those who want to stake with high profits but don’t want to be complicated.

More Information Darth:

Website : https://darthvader.io/
Whitepaper : https://docs.darthvader.io/
Medium : https://darth383-000apy.medium.com/
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Telegram : https://t.me/Darth383000
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