DARTH: transforming DeFi with the Autostaking Protocol that delivers the industry’s high fixed APY

About Darth

DARTH: Most powerful Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol In Crypto


  • Automatic rewards: DARTH allows users to get rewards automatically which will be sent every 15 minutes continuously. Rewards sent will immediately arrive in the user’s wallet, so they don’t need to harvest them manually.
  • Attractive high APY: DARTH facilitates users a staking activity with high returns which is possible because DARTH offers high APY which makes the user’s return maximum.
  • Lower risk: DARTH offers a lower risk staking activity, which is possible because DARTH uses an intelligent system that ensures the sustainability of the platform.
  • Simple staking: DARTH allows users to hold tokens and leave them in their wallets. Users do not need stakes or various other complicated things, the system will detect and provide rewards according to user participation.

How does it work?

DARTH Market

Token Sales

  • Creating a website
  • Deployment of Smart Contracts
  • AuditRateTech Assurance / Know Your Customer
  • Set up a Discord Community.
  • This campaign is a PR marketing bounty
  • Marketing in Advance of a Purchase
  • There are IDOs available on Pinksale as well as two additional sites
  • A liquidity lock for eight years was imposed on IDOs.
  • IEOs are listed on at least four exchanges.
  • Social media marketing campaign on Twitter
  • As part of our YouTube marketing strategy,
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • In the CoinGecko Index
  • SEO
  • Two hundred and fifty thousand token holders are a part of this group.
  • Market capitalization of $ 50 million
  • Capacity 100 Million
  • Partnerships
  • Development Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems
  • Design and Development of the DARTH Wallet
  • The DARTH Wallet is now operational
  • The DARTH DEX Project
  • DARTH DEX is now operational


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