Ikonic: Creating Values For Esports And Gaming Fans

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8 min readApr 7, 2022

iKONIC will enable fans to own and share the best moments in esports history and will provide multi-million dollar esports events and businesses that are rapidly growing as new ways to connect with their audiences. Video clips of the craziest and most spectacular game achievements are easy to print to NFT with just a few clicks. And with one or two more clicks, they will be registered and ready to trade on the iKONIC market.

Creators can design these NFTs to pay royalties for life or even generate an entirely new revenue stream through the sale of sublicense rights. And all of this is just the beginning! iKONIC will not only be another NFT marketplace. It would be a community — a movement. The iKONIC community’s passion for gaming is a tremendous force, and we’ll help them use it to do great things.

Together, we will:

  • Create a platform for an entirely new business model — which
    will encourage and support new, interesting, innovative things game title: game as a service.
  • Create a new launch pad that will bring the next generation of indie blockchain games into the metaverse and create wealth for everyday gamers.
  • Create an expanded marketplace for all project in-game assets, complementing the ecosystem that will sustain their creations and help them thrive.

We all know this is a time of big changes in the game. iKONIC and its community will be at the forefront! The time has come for us, now, to Have the Moment.

IKONIC’s vision seizes upon two huge trends of our


  1. The esports boom
  2. The earthquake of blockchain gaming

Each of these represents a colossal economic opportunity in its own right. But they are also both part of the greater gaming metaverse. This presents us with a stunning opportunity.

We can build a single business off of both of these trends at the same time and tap into the rich, synergistic potential that exists between them. Before we share the details of IKONIC’s vision, let’s quickly recap the current state of these two trends.

Blockchain Gaming Opportunity

Games are the beginning of another paradigm shift.

A massive virtual gaming economy with millions of dollars in annual GDP has been with us for quite some time now. Notable examples include EVE Online, World of Warcraft, and Second Life. However, until recently, the economic value of the time played in these games and the trades that took place on their internal markets remained largely locked in their respective unique universes.

Blockchain games break this barrier. Users are free to own in-game currency and game assets which are represented as blockchain tokens. And users are free to move tokens and exchange them for each other as they wish. This incredible development means that this valuable asset can now also be converted to financial value outside of the original game.

When you then add in the fact that blockchain businesses have lower overhead and don’t have to pay dividends to shareholders, this means more value remains in the game. As a result, more value can be distributed to more players daily and can also be concentrated into some spectacular prizes. Players can now play to earn. The new opportunities created by the blockchain-based marketplace also present a whole new revenue model to support creative new game and game developers. Imaginative creators can also reap the benefits of this blockchain-facilitated exchange which no longer requires an army of intermediaries. This trend is just getting started, so we don’t have too many examples to show. Nevertheless, the precedent set by Axie Infinity is striking.

In 2021, we see stories of individuals with modest incomes in the Philippines using these video games to generate income and feed them family after the economic fallout from COVID-19. One lucky individual even managed to buy two houses with his winnings. We haven’t even begun to understand the economic potential that awaits. But iKONIC will be there to play its part in creating more amazing stories like this and helping its community prosper from this extraordinary economic change.

Esports is huge

Currently, esports is a $950 million market that is expected to grow by 9% annually through 2023. When you’re not watching, multimillion dollar prize competition esports becomes something of an importance. Some are now paying out bigger prizes than the world’s inaugural golf tournament, The Masters. But if we look at this emerging market, we see something is clearly missing.

In the legacy sports business, there is a large secondary market
built by reliving great sporting moments of the past. This includes a large market for sports memorabilia and collectibles, with the latter worth $140 billion per year in annual revenue. This traditional sector is undergoing its own blockchain modernization. NBA Top Shot has reported massive earnings that exceed $230 million in the span of a few months. They helped value this single company at over $2 billion.

But so far, there hasn’t been anything quite like this for the esports industry — not yet.

Maybe all of this is still very new, and things are just moving and changing too fast. Perhaps we have lost the proper legal infrastructure. Major sports brands use sublicensing to leverage and re-monetize their IP without losing or diluting their claim to the underlying property. We didn’t have a blockchain copy of this kind of structure — until recently. The technology now exists. And IKONIC stands to be the first in line to put it to good use!

There are no more excuses to stop us from the success of NBA Top Shot in the esports market. We will help the highest profile contests use the power of blockchain technology to multiply their revenues and reach new audiences.


Now that we understand the enormous growth potential of this gaming trend, let’s see how iKONIC creates value from it. We plan to do this in six ways:

  • GAME CLIP TO NFTS IN SECONDS: iKONIC will offer users unlimited video clips for NFT printing experience. The platform will also make it easy and fun to add simple editing and development of video content, such as the unique templates and filters we enjoy on Instagram and TikTok.

This platform will be fun and accessible to everyone. its vision is to develop a mass-market friendly platform that every gamer — both amateur and professional — can use to print and share gaming moments with friends and fans.

Easy-to-manage royalty and sublicense rights will be available
to users within the platform, enabling them to control their content and manage and generate revenue easily.

  • IKONIC NFT MARKET: iKONIC will come in its own way developed, built-in market. The initial design will focus on
    NFT clip game. This makes it easy for users to unlock real money values ​​from their own recorded gameplay experiences.

After iKONIC progressed into advanced development, its existing market and community infrastructure became the basis for a wider market for gamelinked digital assets. This expanded market, in turn, supports iKONIC games as a service. launch pad concept, which we explain below.

  • SHOWING OFF YOUR NFTS: Have you ever been inside the homes of serious collectors? Their trophy walls are truly impressive! IKONIC is finally going to bring this experience to the digital NFT realm.

Owning NFTs on IKONIC — both the video clips and in-game assets — will feel like something tangible, interactive, and social, making them much more engaging and valuable to hold than other NFT alternatives.

  • PREMIERE ESPORTS PARTNERSHIPS: IKONIC will provide an amazing opportunity for top esports teams and events to connect with their fans and increase their popularity. These partners will benefit from iKONIC’s large, inclusive and engaged user base, strong marketplace and social experience built to celebrate great video game moments.

They will also be able to use the sublicense feature in iKONIC’s NFT templates to come up with new and exciting ways to generate revenue and fan engagement.

  • GAMING AS A SERVICE: The world will see more amazing game creations when game developers can trust that they have a huge player base to share. iKONIC will make it happen with the help of a new business model: games as a service. The idea takes inspiration from Netflix. This will offer iKONIC’s community the opportunity to access a large library of exciting titles, all for a monthly subscription fee.


The IKONIC token is used to reward participants and unlock features on the platform.

  • Token name: IKONIC
  • Total supply: 2,500,000,000
  • Hard cap: $6,000,000
  • Seed sale: $2,000,000
  • Strategic sale: $2,000,000
  • Public sale: $2,000,000
  • Initial market cap: $3,200,000
  • Initial circulating supply: 157,916,667
  • Total diluted market cap: $50,000,000
  • Estimated listing date: Q2 2022



  • Seed: 3% unlocked at listing, 97% vests daily over 18 months beginning day 181 after listing (approx. 5% per month)
  • Strategic: 5% unlocked at listing, 95% vests daily over 12 months beginning day 91 after listing (approx. 8% per month)
  • Public: 20% unlocked at listing, 80% vests daily over 3 months beginning day 1 after listing (approx. 27% per month)
  • Advisors: Vests daily over 30 months, beginning day 181 after listing (approx. 3% per month)
  • Team & Company: Vests daily over 36 months, beginning day 361 after listing (approx. 3% per month)
  • Ecosystem & Referrals: Vests daily over 35 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approx. 3% per month)
  • Development: Vests daily over 48 months, beginning day 361
    after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  • Marketing & Operations: Vests daily over 45 months, beginning day 91 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  • Liquidity & LIstings: 20% unlocked at listing, 80% vests daily over 16 months beginning day 1 after listing
  • Community Rewards: Emissions set by uptake of reward promotions on network
  • General Reserve: Vests daily over 48 months, beginning day 361 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  • Ikonic Aidrop: Ikonic Aidrop

Official contact information

Website: https://www.ikonic.gg/
Whitepaper: https://global-uploads.webflow.com/615f264a1577bed3445ca158/623dbd2495e2c49f8aef3444_LitePaperIkonic.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_ikonic
Telegram: https://t.me/ikonic_moment
Discord: https://discord.gg/FPckz79SUy
Medium: https://medium.com/ikonic-hq
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgq5Ws23RjNuUNc-Sth_gCQ

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