IKONIC — The Only eSports & Pro-Gaming NFT Platform & Marketplace

What is the IKONIC Platform?

How IKONIC Change The Way We Live

Benefits of the IKONIC Platform

  • Artificial Intelligence — It’ll help to automate the lot of business processes and help you create more frictionless experiences.
  • Data Integrity — It’ll help to guarantee that your data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Initiative — It’ll help to create new business initiatives that are fun and challenging for business leaders.

How to Use the IKONIC Platform

  • Business — A business can set up an IKONIC platform that helps them run their business from a single location.
  • Private — One can set up an IKONIC platform that offers privacy for the people who use the platform.
  • Wealth — One can set up an IKONIC platform that helps him or her to manage their wealth in a secure and efficient way.
  • Other — One can set up an IKONIC platform that helps other people to share information with them and manage their relationships with them.

IKONIC Vision and mission

IKONIC Token Utilitize

Opportunities Created by Ikonic

  • The ways IKONIC create opportunities are: Highlight game clips on NFT in seconds, IKONIC NFT Marketplace, Highlight your NFT, Launch eSports partnership, Games as a Service and Launch platform for the game IDIE.
  • Game Clips to NFT: IKONIC offers users a seamless video clip recording experience with NFT. It makes it easy and fun to add simple edits and develop video content like unique templates and filters on Instagram and Tiktok. It’s also accessible and fun for everyone. It will further develop a mass-market friendly platform for amateur and professional gamers to experience and share gaming moments with fans and friends. In addition, royalties and sub-license rights will be available to users on the platform.
  • IKONIC Marketplace: IKONIC Marketplace is an official marketplace community focused on NFT game clips by making it easy for users to unlock monetary values directly from their recorded gameplay experiences.
  • Premier Esports Partnerships: IKONIC offers a special opportunity for the best Spir teams to connect with their fans to increase their popularity. These partners will also benefit from a broad, market-friendly social experience with IKONIC by celebrating great moments in video games. You can also take advantage of the sub-licensing features in IKONIC NFT templates to create new and exciting ways for fan engagement and interaction.
  • Gaming as a Service: This is Ikonic’s new business model that allows the world to see more amazing game creations that game developers can rely on to be shared by a large pool of gamers. This service offers users of the IKONIC community access to a large library of interesting titles for a monthly subscription fee. This idea was inspired by Netflix.
    Ikonic Network Token (IKONIC) & Its Tokenomics

IKONIC Network Token

  • Token Name: IKONIC
  • Total supply: 2,500,000,000
  • Hard hat: $6,000,000
  • Seed sale: $2,000,000
  • Strategic sales: $2,000,000
  • Public sale: $2,000,000
  • Initial market cap: $3,200,000
  • Initial circulation supply: 157,916,667
  • Total diluted market cap: $50,000,000
  • Estimated listing date: Q2 2022


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